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Hear It From Me

The idea for this blog came to me during a particularly difficult point in my life: I had been living in Colorado for about a year, away from family and friends; I was six months in to starting my career as working professional, a career path I was unsure I wanted to make permanent; I was floundering in student loan and other debt; I struggled endlessly to achieve the life of luxury and material wealth society had promised me for being an astute student and hard worker my entire life; and, worst of all, I suffered from a mentally crippling lack of direction and sense of purpose in life.

I had just watched a Netflix documentary called "The Minimalists," a compilation of people telling their stories of finding happiness when they down-sized their lives and stopped mindlessly pursuing money and prestige. I couldn't sleep that night; I knew in the deepest depths of my heart that this, or some variation of this, was the answer. A week or two passed, and one Saturday morning it hit me. I've always been one for danger, adventure, and world travel. What could be better for the soul than taking a sailing trip around the world?

No further brainstorming necessary; I'm game. Now to assess my situation. I have no boat. I have no experience. I don't live near the ocean.

At this moment I don't know yet how it's going to happen, but I do know it WILL happen.

This is my journey.


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