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The First Steps

So, the idea for this blog just hit me. These are its first words, so I figured I should share with everyone how I came up with this. It all started with the documentary on Netflix called "The Minimalists," which I saw with Christina about two weeks ago. The documentary itself is an interwoven series of stories about people who found happiness by getting rid of all but the bare essential materials in their lives (i.e. clothes, some kitchenware, toiletries, etc.). Some even downsized into tiny homes, while others went so far as to live out of a duffel bag while they traveled the world.

One story in particular resonated with me on a deep emotional level: a story about a young adult who worked in the financial industry and who received a long-awaited promotion. He was to make an obscene amount of money and have his own corner office. When he returned to his office and closed the door, rather than celebrate he wept. He wept because he knew his life was now locked in to a miserable series of late working nights, anxiety, and stress peppered every now and then with half-hearted "vacations" with his phone always on. He may raise a family, but he will never have time for them. He was on a path to acquiring more and more wealth without really knowing why he was doing it.

Now I knew I was not near his level of success; I may have several years to go to reach that point in my own field. But the question remained: do I even want to reach that point? The though nagged me for two weeks, and the idea of sailing crept in. First, when Christina and I were in a bookstore. I randomly bought a book on single-handed sailing (which turned out to be far beyond my skill level or understanding). Next, I started watching a few YouTube videos on sailing and the mechanics of it. Then, I saw a few more videos (hyperlinked below in the order I watched them) of people making lengthy voyages, and I was hooked. I knew after the third video, from a place deep within, that this is something I wanted to do. Within minutes I started furiously planning.



3. (my favorite)

This blog is the end-result and the first steps. To be honest, I am notorious among my friends for being impulsive and for not finishing things that I start. My hope is that with this blog I will remain engaged enough to withstand the years of planning it will take since I am far from being in a financial position to embark on this adventure. I haven't yearned for something this badly since I set my sights on Colorado, and I don't want to let it go.

- Anthony

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