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Lost a Crew Member, Gained a Crew Member

After more than one year together my girlfriend, now ex, and I have decided to part ways and she will no longer be coming on this trip. The break up has been difficult for me, and has been a major reason why I've failed to post any updates in the past couple of weeks. Admittedly, the split caused me to question my reasons for going on this trip and whether I should just give this up as yet another dream forgotten. Is this too drastic? Too dangerous? Too crazy? I knew I was going to be feeling this way at some point, but I never expected I would have to grapple with these thoughts so soon into the planning. At or around the time I was considering calling the whole thing off, someone equally crazy and adventurous came to the rescue of the trip: my brother.

My brother, Michael, and I haven't seen much of each other aside from the occasional holiday trip I make back to Atlanta every now and then. This trip represents a way to hopefully regrow a familial relationship long-neglected from both sides. If Michael is anything like I knew him growing up, I am certain we may kill each other one day, but the laughs and good times up until that point will be many.

His involvement on the trip began when we had a sort of philosophical conversation on the merits of this trip a few weeks back. If I recall correctly he had also watched the Minimalists documentary, and hearing me tell my reasons for wanting to go on this trip inspired him to do so as well. A life of work for work's sake just doesn't appeal to either of us, despite all of the people imploring we reconsider. It took all of about 10 minutes before he was chomping at the bit to come on the trip as well, which happened to be days before Christina and I ended things. The timing could not have been better as he, along with my other friends in Charleston and in Denver have been emotional support systems throughout the difficult time. I thank you all.

On the logistical front, in order to take the American Sailing Association courses near Houston, Texas I had been planning we needed a three-person minimum group size. Prior to the break up Michael's addition would have been all we needed. For the past week or so I have been searching for any other adventurous soul fortuitous enough to have a week off in mid-June to come take the sailing classes with us. As of now Michael and I have found a third person, a long-time high school friend of mine, who has at least expressed enough interest for me to go ahead and book the classes.

For now, the plan previously derailed is now back on track and full steam ahead. Keep on the lookout for the video log! I have a brand in development and am working on developing my non-existent video editing skills.


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