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Once a DJ, Always a DJ - Creating the Cruise Playlist

My last trusty turntable... now sold, unfortunately

Listen, I know it's way, way too early to be developing any playlists for the main sailing trip. I don't care. I love music, and I know some great tunes in the moment will do much to create perfect and everlasting memories. Such is the power of song.

Those of you who knew me during my DJ days in Charleston know I can put together a killer 4-hour set on the fly. Now that I have a year and a half to plan out the jam sessions, I can't wait to get started. My brother and I have already decided that while traversing pirate-infested waters we'd be taking turns at the helm at night, so of course I'll have my own personal set of songs for those wee morning hours spent trying to stay awake. There will be times when the wind, sun, and waves call for some more upbeat classics. And finally, we'll probably have more than a few nights where I feel the need to relive my former DJ glory. Like I said, I'm excited.

Here are just a few songs that have been stuck in my head lately that I'll no doubt want to hear again on the water:

1. HOTEL CALIFORNIA (Hell Freezes Over Live Performance) - THE EAGLES

Probably one for the sunny and breezy days. This is without a doubt the best performance of Hotel California ever, cover or otherwise, and I challenge anyone to try and prove me wrong. I've been toying with learning to play the guitar lately, and if I could ever learn how to play this song, I would be one happy guy.


There's something about this classic song that I've always liked. Maybe it's the anti-war tones, but you can feel a big middle finger being pointed at society. Though mine and my brother's departure from the "deferred life" path is hardly as profound as the underlying reasons for this song, I just relate in my own way to the feelings evoked by it. I only wish the track was longer than two minutes, but I imagine I'll be pressing the replay button pretty frequently.


I love this song not just because it's fun and dance worthy, but because the memories that go along with it stretch back to my early teen years. It's definitely a throwback if you've ever followed Reggaeton, but I figured since we'd be sailing around the point of origin of this genre, it would be cool to put this song back on the speakers.


Anyone who knew me back in the day knows I love throwbacks, and this is definitely one of them. I don't even remember when I first heard this song, but it reminds me so much of the early 2000s that I love it. I have a feeling I saw it on an episode of MTV Spring Break when I was a young lad, but even that won't take away from the fact this is a catchy song.


Probably one for the personal playlist, I've always been a huge fan of chill step (or whatever this genre is called nowadays). If I ever get into music production more seriously, I'd probably like to model whatever I produce after Blackmill. I've liked Blackmill's stuff ever since I first heard his/her music a few years ago, and this song in particular is one of my favorites.


If you're my friend on Facebook, you may have seen me advocate on behalf of this strange individual named Mr. Fijiwiji. Not only do I love his choice of name, but the music he produces has been of the highest quality in my personal opinion. As I have stated repeatedly, Mr. Fijiwiji is by far one of the most underrated artists of his time. This song I've played on repeat already countless times. I'll no doubt still be listening to this track by the time my brother and I set sail.

Those were just a few songs I've been listening to quite a bit lately. There was no particular order, but I think in the future I'll probably roll out the songs in my list with some more flow. If I can find the time, I'd probably like to record an hour-long set or two for old times sake.

I miss DJ'ing so much.

- Anthony

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